Heading off to film school many years ago I had the idea that it would be a wonderful way for me to combine my interests in photography and writing. But what I found was an entirely new world of creative expression that has captivated me ever since. Moving images have a life and energy that can transform and enlighten souls, my own included.

Over the last several years I have partnered with my sister, Kara, on a number of short documentary and commercial film projects. We love storytelling, especially from the heart.

Documentary Works in Progress:

Welcome to Plainview is an experimental short personal documentary and narrative of expectations before a visit back home to my family roots in rural northeastern Nebraska. The visuals feature still images taken on the trip.

Art of Survival: The Ark (working title) is a collaborative piece with artist John Simpkins that traces the 20-year history of a massive project begun in a different time and place and now circling to completion. The film delves deeply into love, loss and life through the eyes and palette of a highly accomplished and intuitive visual artist.

Rubber Ear is a light and loving celebration of our brother's decision to remove an ear, which to him represents a lifetime of surgeries and pain. With honest vulnerability, Patrick embraces a new opportunity in the form of a prosthetic ear. Funny and bittersweet, this short documentary addresses issues relating to growing up and living with a disability.

Past Projects:

Stitching Together: 35 Years of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Funded in part by a grant from the Oregon Arts Commission Every July the tiny town of Sisters, Oregon (population: 1,925) swells to nearly seven times that amount as quilt-enthusiasts from around the globe travel to scenic Central Oregon to view over 1,300 quilts from prominent, accomplished artists and instructors blanketing the town right alongside those of their neighbors, friends and family members. With insight and humor, Stitching Together focuses a warm lens on the townspeople of Sisters and members of the quilting community as they explore the role that the quilt show plays in their lives.

Song for the Badlands Created as part of the 2009 International Documentary Challenge, the short documentary Song for the Badlands explores the raw wilderness of grief, loss and love through lyrical expression and imagery.

  • Silver Sierra Award, Yosemite Film Festival
  • Semi-Finalist, Moondance International Film Festival
  • Official Selection, International Film Festival Ireland
  • Out of Storage A short documentary revealing the inner world of one woman's struggle to accept herself and find the courage to open up to vulnerability. Created as part of the 2008 International Documentary Challenge.

  • Semi-Finalist, Moondance International Film Festival
  • Finn and the $20 Bill A charming family portrait, this short documentary features a spirited six-year-old grappling with the gentle consequences of a spur of the moment act.

  • Official Selection, Anchorage International Film Festival
  • Official Selection, BendFilm Festival